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Even after Alyssa Suntrup earned a degree in communication and marketing and thrived in a sales career negotiating digital and television advertising, she always knew her future lay in real estate. Her biggest dilemma was not whether she should make the leap, only when. Finally, Alyssa decided the time was right. While working full-time and supervising a little one running around her house, she earned her Realtor’s license.

Three years ago, she entered the profession full-time. In her second year out with Gladys Manion Real Estate, a boutique agency that focuses on the luxury market, Alyssa brought in over $10 million in sales and was recognized as Rookie of the Year. More recently, she won honors as a Gold Level producer in the Top 5% of agents. She serves the St. Louis metropolitan area and the central corridor. Since its origin, Alyssa’s business has grown exponentially. This year she will exceed 35 transactions and over $25 million in sales. Past client referrals comprise a large percentage of her new clientele. Clients recommend friends and family because they recognize Alyssa’s work.

“I dedicate myself to achieving results,” she says. When asked what makes her personal brand so appealing, Alyssa credits her penchant for finding off-market deals. “My business thrives on my ability to discover properties before they hit the market,” she says. “I am a strong hunter, if you will.” Another thing that sets her apart is her interest and curiosity in architecture and interior design. After personally gutting, designing, and adding additions to homes, she has a unique perspective and vision, as well as a cultivated sensibility about ongoing and novel home trends.

To market listings, Alyssa relies on social media and digital platforms, as well as her agency’s MLS, Maris. On top of that, Alyssa believes in fostering a strong and consistent print presence, especially with luxury products. “Clients expect the glossy advertisements,” she says. “With the help of professional photographers and videographers, we turn a home into a narrative.” When asked what she likes about her job, Alyssa cites her hunger for learning. “Every day is different,” she says. “Every deal is different. I am constantly educating myself and my clients and growing and discovering new ways to improve.”

Aside from her business, Alyssa is active in her community, serving at the grade and nursery schools her sons attend. She also volunteers time and resources to their local Parish. Outside of real estate and community involvement, Alyssa loves to travel and discover new adventures with her husband and family. For the future of her business, she wants to grow. “I look froward to expanding, but I don’t have any intention of creating a large team,” Alyssa explains. “I think the tradeoff is not worth it. In my opinion, people are signing up for you, your expertise, and niche knowledge. To hand off a client is not the kind of growth or success I ascribe to or am looking for.” Instead, she looks forward to streamlining and improving her processes in order to service clients more efficiently without sacrificing the elements of excellence that make Alyssa the Top Agent she is today.




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